Knog Oi x Kosuke Masuda


photo : knog   

photo : knog



I remember when I got the Oi in my hands. I thought these bells were so beautiful and I was excited to start working on them. The smooth black surface and the beautiful shape, I was wondering what kind of tone they have.


The process of my work is called meditation and samādhi (state of being totally aware from present moment).  It's not just sitting or yoga in general trend. It could be any time and any style. Have you ever imagined how this meditation is going to be? Or “ Let’s do the same meditation I did before”?  It’s like when you ride the same road with your bicycle every day, you see a different view and have different feelings each time. You can’t do the same meditation or ride you have done before. My art is not about the result. I am more approaching process side as meditation.

photo : Kei Hompo


So what is it about? It’s like an ongoing drawing of a line. A line consists of dots. The line as the harmony and the dots as the phenomenon. You might see mountains, trees, waves, stars and space in my works but it’s consisted of dots. These are the harmony of the phenomenon. A dot could be a star or just dot, it depends on how you looking at or how you imagine it over the dots and lines. The truth is not in the artworks or even in nature. The truth is in your soul or heart, in Japanese we call it “Kokoro”. So my process of work is that a dot brings another dots and a line brings another line. Then the concentration of dots and lines expand the truth of our Kokoro. There is no beginning and ending. It’s all about phenomenon and harmony. 

Kosuke Masuda 2017 June

photo : Knog