1978  Born, Yokohama Japan.

2002  Bachelor of Fine Arts, Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland University, Auckland, New Zealand

2003  Trained in Shingon Esoteric Buddhism at Hojyuin Senshyu-gakuin in Mt,Koya , Japan

2004~  present vice priest of a temple in Yokohama, Japan.


Selected solo exhibitions

2001  “One Night Project”, One Project, Auckland, New Zealand

2005  “Ko Exhibition #1”, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, Yokohama, Japan

2006  “Ko Exhibition #2”, Harajyuku Quest, Tokyo, Japan

2009  “Ko Masuda x BRIGESTONE CYCLE Art Exhibition”, Bike Forum Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan


Selected 2-person/group exhibitions

2000  “Fine Art By Design Art Show” Expo Center, Auckland, New Zealand

2002  “The Whale”, Union Fish Company, Auckland, New Zealand

2005  “Life Inside the Box” with Marc Blake, Arts Council Kogane-cho, Yokohama, Japan

2005  “Five” with Marc Blake, BankART Studio NYK, Yokohama, Japan

2005  Amuse ARTJAM Finalist Exhibition, Kyoto Cultural Museum, Kyoto, Japan

2006  “Joy Ride Tokyo”, Studio Bee, Tokyo - organized by Bicycle Film Festival (BFF)

2007  “Joy Ride New York”, Art Space, New York- organized by BFF

2007  “Joy Ride Paris”, Colette, Paris - organized by BFF

2007  “Joy Ride London”, Maverik Showroom, London - organized by BFF

2007  “STOW” Sakuragicho on the wall, Yokohama – in association with Yokohama City

2008  “Bike'N'Shit Vol. 2”, Stussy Fukuoka Chapt, Fukuoka, Japan

2008  “BFF Tokyo Art Lounge”, Daikanyama Ball Room, Tokyo, Japan

2009  “Hama Bike”, BankART Studio 1929, Yokohama

2012  “BikeArt is in The Air”, Athens International Airport - hosted by AIA and Carpe Diem)

2013  “Group Exhibition” with Marc Blake, Kim Mcleod, HORIMYO and Kei Hompo, DACRE ST studios Auckland

2014  “Cephalopod Interface”,Okinawa Prefectural Art Museum, Okinawa, Japan

2015 “Cephalopod Interface”  University of Hawaii Commons Gallery, Hawaii


Awards/residencies/other projects

1999  Awarded Rosemary Grice Memorial Prize from Auckland University

2005  Artist in residency with exhibition, BankART Studio NYK, Yokohama, Japan

2006  Collaboration with Resistant (messenger bag company in Tokyo)

2009  Produced cover art for COG magazine Issue5

2011-13  Produced cover art to accompany “Hotoke no ko” (Monthly Buddhism magazine in Japan)

published in Senkyo-sya. 2013

2011  Produced cover art for Loop Magazine ( SANEI SHOBO Publishing Co.,LTD)

2015 Collaboration between Kosuke Masuda , Saffron Frameworks & Campagnolo for Bespoked the UK handmade bicycle show in UK.



Selected Press

2007  Graphic Magazine Issue 12 'Customise Graphic” published by BIS Publication (London)

2010  Velo “Bicycle Culture and Design” published by Gestalten (Berlin)

2011  BIKE ART. “ The Bicycle in Art Around the World” published by Publikat (Greece)

2011  Featured on Headset Press website’s“ The art of the bike” ( England )

2011  Featured on Loop magazine ( Japan )

2013 Featured on M BiKe magazine #111 ( Greek )

2014 Featured on WIELRENBLAD magazine #3 ( Holland )